About Us – The Yarra Valley Tea Co. Story

The Yarra Valley Tea Company is a wholly owned and operated Australian business founded by Garrick Hicks & Meaghan Grace back in 2006. With limited funds but abundant determination they have gradually built a small home based business into a fully mechanized organic beverage manufacturing facility based at their Coldstream factory. The factory was opened in 2012 and welcomes visitors to view the tea processing facility from sorting, blending and bagging. Unlike most other small to medium size tea companies in Australia, we manufacture all our tea varieties on our machines right here in Australia…not overseas!

Their factory, although small, produces up to 3,000,000 pyramid bags per year and over 5 tonne of Tea Service lines supplying Melbourne metropolitan and Australia wide through our distribution partners in each state together with export markets in Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Japan, Taiwan & China. In fact we are currently served and sold in nearly 50 outlets in Singapore and another 35 in Hong Kong alone!

Meaghan and Garrick invite you to visit them at their factory in Coldstream or one of the many festivals and trade shows they attend locally and globally.