English Breakfast

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English Breakfast is a very proper tea indeed! Kemun, Assam and Ceylonese FOP [Flowery Open Pekoe] leaves, hand plucked to produce a strong flavoured but smooth tea of noted subtle tannins and long, fresh aromas.

Marvel in the light liquor prized by centuries of tea estate proprietors. Enjoyed hot and black or served with milk, this splendid brew is sure to please the most discerning, refined and knowledgeable of palates…what, what!

Accounts pertaining to English Breakfast’s origins vary. Consumption of a blend of black teas for breakfast is undeniably an age-old British custom. The custom of denoting to such a blend as English Breakfast tea looks to have started not in the ‘mother country’ England but, interestingly enough Scotland, where it was firstly acknowledged unassumingly as ‘breakfast tea’ and was in part made popular by Queen Victoria.

INGREDIENTS: Certified Organic Ceylonese English Breakfast FOP Tea.

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